PROJECT FLOYD - The Ultimate Tribute to Pink Floyd. Together with 16th Ave Music as our production firm this show officially takes the stage on August 12th 2017 with a big show at the Paramount Theater in the bands hometown of Cedar Rapids Iowa. 

To make this happen, The JC Project has added new members and is focused entirely on bringing the biggest, baddest ever Pink Floyd Tribute show to Theaters and Venues in the Midwest this Summer.

The JC Project was formed with the idea that it would constantly evolve, in keeping with that tradition, it has grown again to a completely new level. This show is a major undertaking and is every bit as complex as the Original shows were when they were done by Pink Floyd. Every aspect of this new show is to give the listener a real Rock & Roll experience. Hence the Name PROJECT FLOYD.

The show combines the spot on music and a Light/Video show by Scott Wilson along with a 24 foot video wall behind the band as well as the Iconic Circle screen in the center,  featuring classic rock icon Marc Rubinsteins PIG LIGHT SHOW and footage of PINK FLOYD along with custom made videos by Scott Wilson. The look and feel of a real Pink Floyd show is there. 

This show combines two of the greatest recordings ever made, the entire DARK SIDE OF THE MOON album and Selections from

THE WALL . The set will include a few songs from other Floyd recordings as well. If you are a Floyd fan you will love this show. 

The Midwest shows will start in Aug of 2017 at the historic Paramount Theater in Cedar Rapids. New Dates in 2018  will be announced in January.  

​Be sure to catch this new show. Because of the size of the staging and rigging needed to create the experience we will only be doing a limited number of dates this year.  In 2018 we will expand that to 22+.

It takes a lot of people working very hard to set this show up and move it around. 16th Ave Music makes it look easy, but its anything but simple...

 Easily one of the largest light shows in the U.S.A. the complexity of doing a full on tour was just not in the cards. Now we know why Pink Floyd rarely did more than 20 shows on a tour. 


Thanks for Checking in....PROJECT FLOYD


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